Monday, May 11, 2009

Motivation by Humiliation Update - Week One

Week one which consisted of May 1-May 8 was definitely a success. I stuck with my diet and only had a few slip ups here and there. The key thing I found was to increase my water intake (I dropped all soft drinks) and eat filler foods. Some of my favorites of the week are 1 cup of chopped strawberries stirred with 1 packet of Splenda with sugar and topped with a small dollop of cool whip. This was a perfect after dinner snack for only 2 points. Subway is definitely my go to place if I want to eat out. There are great choices and they have a decent selection of baked chips. I also loved eating a snack of caramel mini rice cakes and a green apple. It was only 2 points and like eating a caramel apple. Unfortunately I am not able to cook many of my Relish! meals because even their "lower calorie" meals are not as low-cal as I need.

Exercise-wise I was able to do the Shred-It everyday. I have a love/hate relationship with this workout. It is very intense and there are no breaks - the hate part. I love though that when I get overwhelmed I only think to myself how many circuits are left and that I can do anything for 20 mins! I really recommend this workout for moms because it is easy to fit those 20 minutes into your day. I am also trying to take Belle out for a 20-30 minute walk every day.

The official weigh-in from as of May 8: 2 lbs lost, and I am in a weight bracket that I have not seen in over two and a half years!

Here is the bad news though... I have come down with the stomach virus that Belle had. I have been sick sick sick. There are no problems with sticking to my diet with the virus as I really don't want to eat more than crackers and broth. The problem is that I can't exercise or I will truly pass-out. Once I get my energy/strength back I plan to return to the exercise routine. I am praying hard that I have experienced the worst of it today with the 101.5 fever and other unpleasantness. I have to give major love to my husband who came home early from work and has taken care of Belle so that I can recuperate. He tried so hard to make my mother's day special even though I was sick. I think we are going to have a re-do mother's day this coming Sunday.

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Kelly said...

I hate when that happens! As soon as I had gotten into a great routine with Jillian I came down with strep! Almost two weeks later I am still fighting off a cold and haven't been working out because all I want to do is sleep! Keep up the good work and I hope you feel better soon!

PS- weigh yourself after you've been sick for a few days and use that as motivation for the future! It might not be a totally accurate weigh in, but you can get there if you keep working hard!

Courtney said...

2 pounds is awesome!! Keep up the hard work. I think Kel's idea to weigh after you've been sick is very clever. That weight loss there will be great motivation!