Sunday, March 15, 2009

Long Time No Post

Time has flown by, and here I sit the night before we leave for London. I think the two best words to describe how I am feeling are: excited and nervous. I am so excited to spend the next week in London, one of my favorite cities. I am also thrilled to adventure in Paris (France that is for all you TX folk :) ). I am nervous beyond words for flying 8 hours and multiple time changes with a 14-month old. I think the key thing is not letting her realize I am nervous. I really wanted to pack some new "surprise" toys to keep her entertained on the flight. Unfortunately she is at such a hard age where the majority of age appropriate toys light up and sing delightful silly songs.

Oh well, since my last post I have had so many things to share with my blog friends, but the looming need to pack/organize has taken the majority of my time.

Some things that are recently going on with Miss B....

*She loves to point out all her facial features... nose, ears, hair, teeth, mouth.... we are still working on eyes as she confuses them with ears. She also loves to show you how she "smells" with her nose and "blinks" with her eyes.

*She daily imitates many phrases and words. They sound like nothing but you can tell that she is trying to say some of the same things we do. She has a HUGE stuffed ladybug we have named "Big Red". We tell her to say "Hi" to Big Red, and she says "Iiiiiiiii Bid Ded". She is trying and it is fun to see her verbal skills expand beyond the 1,000s of "What's Thats?" she asks daily.

*In public she is so shy and quiet, and at home she is silly and into everything. She can also throw a pretty good tantrum.

*She got accepted to a Mother's Day Out at a church near our house. I think this will be wonderful for her to have more social interaction and come out of her shell a little bit. We don't have many young kids in the neighborhood, and our church is far away so we often don't even chance it with the lovely 400 traffic on Wednesdays. I really think being around children more than just Sundays will be so beneficial for her.

*She is officially a walker, or at least walking more than crawling. It is still a mummy walk but she is SO proud of herself. We are so proud of her too!

There is so much I could say about this sweet little toddler, but I know you all might get bored. Once I get back and blog about our trip I plan on sharing with you all some awesome home organization helpers I have been using lately.

If you are on facebook I will try to put up some pics while on our travels and maybe sneak a few into blogger too!

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